Office Chair Curling

Get into the spirit of the Olympics whilst at work, with Office Chair Curling. Here's how it works:

1 Office chair per player "CHAIR"
1 narrow, long hallway "RINK"
1 floortile "HOUSE" with hole offcenter "BULL"

1. Place HOUSE at far end of hallway, approximately 25 yards away, with the BULL placed at the far end.
2. Players take turns rolling their CHAIR down the RINK.
3. Players cannot put their feet on the RINK whilst holding the CHAIR.

- 1 point for each wheel on the HOUSE
- 5 points for any wheel that is in the BULL
- 0 points for wheels against the edge of the HOUSE

- Best of 3 games
- Each game is won by the player that reaches 11 points first.
- Points reset at start of each game.

Optionally, a season can consist of a certain number of match victories. (first to reach 5 wins)

Example corridor: